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Sex Addiction: Truth or Myth?

Hello everyone! I am currently reading this book called “The Myth about Sex Addiction,” by author David Ley. The book is very interesting and points out a lot of the issues regarding sex addiction in society. Is Sex Addiction actually real? Or is it just a label created by the social media? Is it a label just like gender binary and sexual preference have become a label in our society? In my opinion sex addiction can be real. Because let’s face it, there are a lot of people out there who can not live a day with out sex, well based on the documentaries that I have seen of actual people that are sex addicts. For example there was an episode on MTV’s television series True Life, which is based on the daily lives of real people with real issues, about sex addiction. The series involved how different people from different parts of the country were able to live their lives with these issues and eventually try and get themselves better by trying to resolve their addiction. In my opinion the reason why I say sex can become an addiction is that anything that is pleasurable to the human mind can be addicting. Whether it’s working out, recreational drugs, or food etc. The only thing I would have to disagree with is the label that society or the media has put on the word “Sex Addict.” For example Bill Clinton is automatically a sex addict by receiving fellatio from his secretary. Now If I was the the most powerful man in the world, of course I will be receiving fellatio from a hot gorgeous woman every chance I get. This label is to justify him being a sexual person, whereas human beings are just sexual creatures. No doubt. We as people just need to embrace our sexual desires and be open with ourselves.


2 Responses to “Sex Addiction: Truth or Myth?”

  1. Todd Canada Says:

    Somehow I think that wonderful picture after the post isn’t going to help cure any sex addictions, lol.

    You look absolutely gorgeous, as always

  2. WP Says:

    I am so sad that I missed you in Boston.. I love your stuff!!!