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Hi Guys!


Once again I am sorry I haven’t posted on this  blog lately, I have just been caught up in my own little world and having so much fun with my new friends here in LA. I am truly thankful that I moved to Los Angeles. Now I have a handful of cool people that I can talk to and hang out with. I have been doing a lot of brainstorming about upcoming shoots.. So if you guys would like to pitch in some ideas then just email me at evaxxxlin@gmail.com.



Last week I did a shoot for a photographer called HausofSe7en. His photography focuses on dark shadows and angles of every shoot. I like his work so much. I like the edgy and Gothic style of the photographs. Let me know what you guys think!




2 Responses to “Hi Guys!”

  1. Cybermaster69 Says:

    Splendida 🙂

  2. Diego Souza Says:

    eva lin, I love you, I’m your number one fan, I would like if you can make a video or essay with a long black silk nightgown transparent, you would be very hot, do it for a fan of yours, kisses in your heart beautiful.