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Archive for November, 2013

My ideal man

Hello everyone! i haven’t posted on my blog in a while and for that I apologize. I have been super busy travelling and working on different projects. Right now I am in the parking lot in my sisters car by myself and I thought why don’t I write about my ideal man.

Well to start off, I love men who are taller than I am. And I am pretty tall standing at 5’9″ so that doesn’t come easy. I love men who really can exude their testoterone and let it be known who has the testicles in the relationship.. (LOL). I was reading another blog yesterday, and the author states that she wants a man to be super dominant; then I thought to myself, “well that’s the kind of man I want!”

I was thinking and fantasizing about being a concubine for my man. I want to be the ultimate submissive slut for my king and in return my king will provide for and support me in everyway possible. That would be the ultimate partnership. For my man to be my shelter from the outside world, to be my barrier. I would pleasure him in everyway possible. Cook, fetch his beer and suck his cock while he watches the game on Sunday afternoon.

I understand that most men who are attracted to T-girls love to be submissive, but for me, my ideal man would have to be dominant and successful with a huge cock. My mouth waters while thinking about it. Hmmmm…