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Archive for October, 2013

TS Pussy Hunter’s Bondage

Hi to all! I recently shot a bondage scene for kink.com where I was dommed and tied up by Lorelei Lee. Can I just say that Lorelei is so cool and such a great person to shoot with? Lorelei directed and participated in the scene and she did such an amazing job. She also knows how to really tie someone up! In the first scene, I was tied up really artistically and intricate. I was amazed at how Lorelei Lee managed to tie me up in such a way. As the scene started, I was tied up with ropes supposting my back while i was suspended half way in the air with just one of legs supporting me. My arms were also tied up and restrained to the walls behind me. It’s really difficult to describe but I will just show you guys a picture here:


So while I was tied up Lorelei comes in to the room and starts sucking my cock and exposing my breasts.. After that she decided to fuck me with a beautiful strap on that she picked out of her little toy chest. She ties me up in a different position. I am still suspended and just supported by my right leg this time. I started to make me lick her pussy which tasted so delicious then she started fucking me really hard! Harder than anyone has ever fucked me :).



After that scene she decided to lay me on a table with both my legs tied to the ceiling. She then makes me lick her pussy some more by sitting on my face!!! (I know what you’re thinking: I am so lucky!) Well she continues to fuck me and makes me taste my own ass juice all over her cock! Hmmm yummy! I love being a nasty whore! 😀


Then she decides to bend me over on the tavle and continues to pound me ans make me taste my ass juice… After that she lays on the table and I ride her cock making myself cum all over her juicy tits! This was the first time ever that I was dommed by a woman. I have never been suspended on rope before and fucked at the same time. So thia experience was new and exciting for me. I will definitely be back to shoot some more scenes like this in the future! 😀

For more on the scene watch here