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Archive for August, 2013

My Trip to Prague

Hello everyone! I am going to tell you all about my trip to Prague! Prague is definitely one of my favorite European cities. It’s such a beautiful historical city with such great energy.

On my first day in Prague I was welcomed by the easiest customs border protection ever! I got into a taxi from the airport and from observing the buildings outside of the city, I noticed tons of graffiti and vandalism. So I was kind of weary about the city and what experience I am gonna have. But once I got into city center which is what the locals call old town praha, i was blown away by how beautiful and whimsical the city was. The city was so colorful and had a medieval feel to it. It seemed as though I was in a fairy tale book.

After checking in my hotel I quickly rushed to take a stroll around the city. Iwalked around in my walking shoes (luckily I brought them because the road is all cobble stone).I walked around Lesser Town which is the part of town where I was staying. Lesser Town Prague is where The St. vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle is located. The Prague Castle is the most significant historical monument in Prague. It was home to Bohemian kings, Czech Republic and Roman Emperors. It is in the Guiness World records as the largest castle in the world. Within the Castle is the St. Vitus Cathedral. It is built in Gothic Architechture and is the most important cathedral in Prague. It is where the archbishop is seated and is where the tomb of many Bohemian kings and Holy Roman emperors are kept.

After checking out the Prague Castle I walked to Old Town where a lot of the things to do in Prague are happening. From puppet shows and orchestras to highend shopping and beer tasting. The energy in Old Town is remarkable. Old Town is just right on the other side of the river which separates Old town from Lesser Town. There were tons of churches to check out. A couple of churches were the St. Nicholas Churches one in Lesser Town and the other in Old town. The one in Old Town was filled with painted ceilings and was much smaller than the other. After checking out the churches and its wonderful architechture I stumbled upon the famous Atronomical Clock. The Astronomical Clock is used to predict certain events in time.. some even say if you look close enough, you may see certain events in the past that maybe linked to some symbols in the clock. So many people were getting married and taking wedding portraits infront of the landmark. What amazes me is that the clock was installed in 1410 and is the oldest clock that still works in the world! Pretty cool! I ofcourse went on top of the tower where the clock was and had an amazing bird’s eye view of the city.

During my 4 day trip to Prague I also decided to take one of the river cruises that basically explained the whole history of the city. It gave amazing views of the most famous landmarks of the city including the Prague Castle which was sitting on top of a hill. Charles Bridge which I walked across after my river cruise. Charles Bridge is the famous bridge on Vltava river. It is very significant in history because it was mainly used for trade between eastern and western Europe. The bridge was built in the 14th century and finished in early 15th century. The bridge was filled with lots of sculptures of old saints and patrons from famous Bohemian artists and like most architechture in Prague, it’s very Gothic. The bridge gave a spectacular view of Lesser Town and everything just seemed like a perfect painting.

To summarize my experience i would just say spectacular, amazing, whimsical, beautiful and magical. Those are the words I would use to describe this wonderful city. It has definitely made my list of favorite places in the world. And I am very thankful that a place like prague exists not only in Europe but also in my heart.













My trip to Cape Cod

Hello everyone I apologize if I have not written on my blog for awhile. I have been travelling so much in the past 2 months. I am currently in Washington, DC and I wanted to tell you about my trip to Cape Cod, MA. My trip was about a month ago sometime in July. But it was one of my memorable trips in the East Coast.

I had such a great time in Cape Cod relaxing on Nauset Beach and shopping around in Nantucket. I never knew that there was even such a place like the cape that existed in the East coast. The past weekend is definitely a time never to be forgotten.

On my first day on the Cape I decided to check out Nantucket as I heard there are really cool shops to check out on the island. the boat ride was about an hour and surprisingly I did not get sea sick. I enjoyed the view of the different sizes of boats, beautiful homes of the cape and martha’s vineyard. When I arrived in Nantucket, I automatically fell in love with the island. There were so many cool shops that sold little trinkets and things. I had lunch and the island and had homemade ice cream… Then enjoyed the boat ride back to Hyannis.

Upon returning to Hyannis, I visited one of the most beautiful beaches on the cape which was Nausset beach. The beach was filled with the locals and also visitors from all over the east coast. After my visited the beach I had dinner one of the best lobster shacks in the cape and had the most amazing lobster roll. After dinner I went to Sundae School which served homemade ice cream. The place was packed with people but can’t really blame them as the weather was so hot.

My trip to Boston was amazing and relaxing. Although I got sun burned from jet skiing and lauing out on the beach, I am thankful to be able to visit such a beautiful place.