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Archive for April, 2013

Kinky shoot with Kat Dior

Last week I shot for Tspussyhunters.com with Kat Dior. I am always excited to shoot for kink.com and I have not shot for them in a while. It was a last minute shoot as I was a fill in for someone else who cancelled. So I happened to be available to fill in and fill up Kat Dior. I flew in a couple of days before my shoot to spend time with my family and the night before my shoot, I was dropped off to San Francisco and stayed in the quarters of the famous Armory located in the Mission District of the beautiful city.

On the day of the shoot, I did my regular regimen which consists of breakfast, shower, make-up/hair and then wardrobe. I didn’t get to meet Kat until on set and I got to tell you this girl is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She oozed of sexual energy and I can tell that she just was waiting to get pounded! She was about 5’4″ and 110 lbs. She was ver petite so I was not going to be rough on her.

Our scene started out in a club setting. The story line is that I am a government official investigating her for she took some time off from work because of a reported injury on the job. It is my responsibility to go in for the kill and bust her for cheating her paid leave of absence. After gaining her trust and letting her invite me into her home, I tied her up and had my way with her (I was trying not to be too rough). There was a lot of hair pulling, choking, spanking, deep throating, and straight up pounding. After hours of fucking I came all over her face and some of my cum even went up her nose!! It is definitely a shoot to see.

After our shoot, we showered, got dressed and was taken to the airport where we enjoyed a nice dinner together while waiting for our flight. We talked about random things like boys, porn and stripping on the pole. Not your normal girl talk but it was fun! I am definitely looking forward to working with her again. If you would like to follow Kat Dior and see what she is all about her twitter is @KatDiorxxx




My daily hikes

I just love to go hiking. One of the ways I love to ground myself is through hiking the trail next to my home in Los Angeles. I love walking, power walking or running up the trail while listening to the random sounds around me. Where I hike is somewhat hidden from the main trails so it is a lot more secluded and peaceful than some trails in L.A. I love hearing squirrels and little critters running in the bushes or the birds chirping in the trees. It  really helps me be conscious of my thoughts and focus on what is really beautiful about this world.

We sometimes take for granted what is given to us by mother Earth. Like the mountains, the plants and trees around us, the air that we breathe and the water that we drink. I know I for example have been around so many superficiality in my life and wanting things that are irrelevant that I have forgotten how irrelevant I was to the beauty of mother nature.  Even the simplest things can be forgotten by the stress of our busy lives and that is why I try my best to stay as grounded as possible.

Today on my hike I started of in my regular trail and as I walked, I decided to take a different route and decided to go off trail. I became nervous as the sounds of the animals around me became more distinct and my heart raced as if my blood was pouring out of a slit wrist. I started to become very anxious and I felt like I was being preyed upon by a mountain lion. Or maybe come across a rattle snake (which I have in the past) and it bites me. All these thought were making scenarios in my head of what could happen. Of course what is the probability of such a thing? Well the fact that all of it is possible, freaked me out ; so I dashed…

Well I tell you everyone, being in a situation where I felt that I could or would have been prey to a wild beast proved to me that regardless of how nice my car was or how many designer clothes I had, mother nature prevails.

Lesson: never go off trail when hiking. It’s scary especially when one is alone.




Dave Naz Photography

Hello everyone! I missed you guys so much. As usual I am always busy improving my self so I was away for quite some time. I got some surgeries done to improve my look. In December I had my breasts redone. They are much bigger now… For your enjoyment of course!

Recently I did a photo shoot with Dave Naz, a famous erotic photographer who is author of books such as “Butt Babes” and “L.A. Bondage.”

The photo shoot that I did is part of his new project on Transsexuality to help raise awareness and tolerance.
Dave Naz looking for trans models