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Archive for January, 2013

Pussy or no Pussy??

So I happen to go to the club last night and I ran into an acquaintance of mine that just recently got her vagina done in Thailand. We were in the ladies room and I noticed in her thong that she had an amazing camel toe. I then thought wow, she has a beautiful pussy! I want one! She was telling me how much she enjoys using her new pussy to get pounded by men she goes home with. This might not be the reason why I would want one, but then again wow that would be really hot to have a cock in all my three holes. =0 But if I would get a vagina, I would first get a playboy magazine and find the queen of all vaginas. I happen to think that Asa Akira has the most beautiful vagina in porn and personally she is my most favored Porn Star, other than Bella Donna and Tera Patrick. Although there is so much controversy and rumors about sex changes and how it can ruin one’s sex life, Is that really all true? When I was talking with my friend she seemed really happy and joyous. Stating that she squirted so much when she got fucked for the first time, but then again she obviously never liked her penis to cut it off.With present day’s advanced surgical procedures maybe she is actually telling the truth.  I love getting pounded in my ass and I love playing with my cock so even the thought of losing sensitivity down there is beyond terrifying. But then again the thought of having a beautiful pussy being worshipped and pleased by a man is mind blowing. Mmm I guess I am not ready to make the decision yet, but when I do and it happens to be: get a pussy now! Will all of you still see me as a beautiful creature? Or will I just be another Transsexual with an extra hole for everyone to unload on? =p




AVN 2013

Hello everyone! Congratulations to Vaniity for winning AVN 2013 Transsexual Performer Of the Year! I am so happy for my sister and it is well deserved. This years AVN awards was a lot of fun! I got to see lots of my fans and was able to hangout with new friends. Last year was an awesome year for me. My first award this year was XBIZ TS Performer Of the Year! Yay! I am so happy to be recognized by fans. I was hoping to win AVN as well, but my time will come =). It is only my first year in smut after all and I am not planning on leaving and moving on anytime soon. Although there are a lot of brainstorming that I need to do for this year. So back to the subject discussed.. What do people really think about the AVN awards. This highly anticipated award show is attended by people from all walks of the porn industry. From fans to cam-girls, producers, directors and mainstream celebrities, this event is held at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel. Many performers start the part a week before the actual even but others like myself just like to go to the event itself. =) But the biggest controversy this year is that for 30 years (This is the 30th AVN awards), it is only now that Transsexual performers are allowed to receive the awards on stage and be recognized as actual people and not 3rd class citizens. Vaniity is well deserving to be the first transsexual to receive the award for she has been in the business longer than any Transsexual I know in the Biz. I am so happy an thankful that our genre of porn is now receiving recognition. It will open up so many more doors for us and this year will be awesome.