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AVN Awards 2014

Hello everyone! I can’t believe I won AVN “Transsexual Performer of the year 2014” this past Saturday. I wasn’t able to recieve my award on stage because I didnt attend the event. But when I heard the news I was in shock! I just really didn’t think I was deserving this year. I am so thankful though for the respect and acknowledgement that I recieved from all my fans and people in the adult industry. I was also surprised at the amount of support I recieved from everyone. This really gives me more of a drive to work and perform harder this year. More importantly thank you to all of you… My fans! I love you all!

During the AVN after parties I hung out with some of my friends in Las Vegas and some popular faces in the industry. Like TS Foxxy, Asa Akira and Jessica Drake. We danced the night away and had so much fun! I am not a party goer and hardly go out much so that night really worked out my legs! Haha it was great.




Shemale XtC #12 by Joey Silvera


I love love working with Joey Silvera! I shot a solo masturbation scene for Joey about a couple of months ago and it is now available for purchase on evilangel.com

The scene starts out with me teasing the camera and Joey asking me when was the last time we got together. It’s been a little over a year since I’ve worked with him so we were both very excited to shoot some porn. I started playing with my giant boobs infront of the camera and then started playing with my tranny pussy hole with tons of huge dildos..hmmm I just love being nasty in front of the camera. Then Joey handed me a tomato….. Uh yes a tomato… So the first thing that came to mind is to stick that tomato in my tranny hole… Hmm yes I was able to make some really artistic gapes with that fruit.

On my way home after the scene I wondered if Joey put that tomato back in his fridge and made some salsa the next day. Hmmm I have to ask!

Proud of being a slut!!




Awards Seasons!

Hello to all! As you all know or may know that award season is right around the corner! I am happy to say that I am nominated for multiple awards! As my favorite pornstar, Asa Akira would say, “I have an award winning asshole!” LOL. But seriously I am so proud of myself because it sure is not easy performing on camera.

Although it is not always easy performing and maintaining a camera ready body, I love everything about being an adult performer. I love the shock value I get from people and the reaction. I love when I am just going about my day and someone comes up to me and recognizes my work and says, ” Wow! You’re Eva Lin! I have spilled cum over your videos so many times!” It really touches me when people say that. It makes me think that I am actually making a difference in someone’s sex life by being a nasty little slut on camera.

So every year a lot of adult performers look forward to this “award season” because believe it or not, it gives us drive and motivation to be the best out there. Although results can be disappointing at most times it doesn’t hurt to keep wanting and yearning for that award. It’s like that cake that you have been baking throughout the whole year and finally you get to eat it at the end of the year. But for me ofcourse what motivates me most is how wonderful you guys have been. All my fans are a blessing to me and have kept supporting my career for 2 and a half years and for that I am so grateful.

I am happy to say that if I win an award I will give out a free cam show for all my fans on cam4.com
username: toomuch420

This year I am nominated for Xbiz Awards “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
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“Transsexual Website of the Year”
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Tranny Awards Fan Voting
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Thank you all for all your support!!


Ts Playground 6 with Sheena Shaw and Spencer Fox

In the summer i shot a movie for one of my favorite directors for Evilangel Video, Jay Sin. The movie was so hot! Sheena and I started with playing with each other . I started sucking on a lolly pop and then I started sticking the lolly pop in her pussy and putting it back in my mouth. In this video theres a lot of ass to mouth and gaping. Ofcourse many of you know that my asshole is pretty talented when it comes to that kind of stuff. I just love shoving really big things in my ass. I love being used like a little slut. Anyways Sheena and I had the pleasure of being pounded by Spencer Fox’s big 9″ cock. The scene was so good and we all had so much fun so don’t forget to get your copy today! You won’t regret it!

To buy the Video:
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My ideal man

Hello everyone! i haven’t posted on my blog in a while and for that I apologize. I have been super busy travelling and working on different projects. Right now I am in the parking lot in my sisters car by myself and I thought why don’t I write about my ideal man.

Well to start off, I love men who are taller than I am. And I am pretty tall standing at 5’9″ so that doesn’t come easy. I love men who really can exude their testoterone and let it be known who has the testicles in the relationship.. (LOL). I was reading another blog yesterday, and the author states that she wants a man to be super dominant; then I thought to myself, “well that’s the kind of man I want!”

I was thinking and fantasizing about being a concubine for my man. I want to be the ultimate submissive slut for my king and in return my king will provide for and support me in everyway possible. That would be the ultimate partnership. For my man to be my shelter from the outside world, to be my barrier. I would pleasure him in everyway possible. Cook, fetch his beer and suck his cock while he watches the game on Sunday afternoon.

I understand that most men who are attracted to T-girls love to be submissive, but for me, my ideal man would have to be dominant and successful with a huge cock. My mouth waters while thinking about it. Hmmmm…


TS Pussy Hunter’s Bondage

Hi to all! I recently shot a bondage scene for kink.com where I was dommed and tied up by Lorelei Lee. Can I just say that Lorelei is so cool and such a great person to shoot with? Lorelei directed and participated in the scene and she did such an amazing job. She also knows how to really tie someone up! In the first scene, I was tied up really artistically and intricate. I was amazed at how Lorelei Lee managed to tie me up in such a way. As the scene started, I was tied up with ropes supposting my back while i was suspended half way in the air with just one of legs supporting me. My arms were also tied up and restrained to the walls behind me. It’s really difficult to describe but I will just show you guys a picture here:


So while I was tied up Lorelei comes in to the room and starts sucking my cock and exposing my breasts.. After that she decided to fuck me with a beautiful strap on that she picked out of her little toy chest. She ties me up in a different position. I am still suspended and just supported by my right leg this time. I started to make me lick her pussy which tasted so delicious then she started fucking me really hard! Harder than anyone has ever fucked me :).



After that scene she decided to lay me on a table with both my legs tied to the ceiling. She then makes me lick her pussy some more by sitting on my face!!! (I know what you’re thinking: I am so lucky!) Well she continues to fuck me and makes me taste my own ass juice all over her cock! Hmmm yummy! I love being a nasty whore! 😀


Then she decides to bend me over on the tavle and continues to pound me ans make me taste my ass juice… After that she lays on the table and I ride her cock making myself cum all over her juicy tits! This was the first time ever that I was dommed by a woman. I have never been suspended on rope before and fucked at the same time. So thia experience was new and exciting for me. I will definitely be back to shoot some more scenes like this in the future! 😀

For more on the scene watch here

My shoot with Venus Lux

Me and Venus have been friends even before porn has taken our lives to another level of freakiness. We are both from San Francisco, CA and now we reside in Los Angeles, CA. I have to say that pornography has also brought us closer to each other ( I mean real close!) I never really knew that my old friend had a freaky side to her until we did our first scene together which can be seen on her solo site here

This scene is all directed by Venus. She wanted a fetish scene where we are both topping and dominating a male sub. But the scene turned out more freakier than expected. She ended up topping me as well
And both her and the male sub came all over me like the good slut that I am. I just love Venus’ cock, I love it’s size and girth. I also love the way it curves and just hits the right spot. When she fucks me I feel her hitting my spot and forcing my cum out of my cock. The scene started with me sitting in the living room disappointed and fretting over my boyfriend leaving me. Then Venus walks into the room with her slave walking on all fours. She explains to me that there is no reason to be stressing over men for men are only good for kne thing: SEX! I kind of agree with her so I quickly grabbed her slave and had him service my cock. I then bent him over and fucked him like a bitch. Venus and I started
Taking turns on his hole and then we both devided to punish him even more and just have him watch us make love to each other. I started to ride Venus’ cock while cuckolding her slave boy. He then cums all over me as he couldn’t contain himself. After he came Venus then cums all over his face. It was so hot and I love working with Venus! I am looking forward to working with her more in the future, I just can’t wait!




My second trip to Prague

Hello everyone! It’s been quite sometime since I have written on my blog and for that I apologize. I have been travelling so much and I finally just got back to Los Angeles. I am writing to tell you guys about my second trip to the Czech Republic. I am trully blessed to be able to travel so much and discover different parts of the world. On this trip I didn’t do a lot of “Tourist” things to do. Mainly I just relaxed, ate and did a lot of people watching.

I stayed at the Kempinsky Hybernska Hotel in Centre City Old town Prague which is about 2 blocks away from the famous Powder tower. Powder tower or Powder Gate is a Gothic building in Prague dating back to the 11th century. Its a historical landmark and was built more for aesthetic reasons. Construction began in 1475 and it is one of the main gates that lead into Old Town Prague. It was also used to store Gun Powder in the 17th century and thats how it got its name. Around the tower there are a lot of attractions such as the Ballet house that featured “Swan Lake.” There are also a lot of shops and restaurants in the area.

I did a lot of walking around this time around and checked out some of the street foods Prague had to offer. I indulged in ice cream and crepes to satisfy my hunger for sweets. One thing I worry about when travelling is my figure as I tend to really love sweets. I do have to admit that Europe has the best pastries and crepes the world has to offer. My favorite toppings are chocolate and banana. Oh my.. I can just make love to a chocolate and banana crepe if I could. One thing that I love about Europe is all the ingrediets are natural. Processed and packaged products are hardly ever used. And the food just really tastes different, i think it is because they never use GMO’s or antibiotics on their livestock and beef.

This time I spent 4 days in Prague just relaxing at my 5 star hotel and eating great food. People watching is one of my favorite things to do so i spent a significant amount of time hanging out in Old Town Square watching the street performers play live music and all the people interacting in this lively old city. It’s refreshing to watch all the neqly weds taking pictures by the astronimical clock looking happy like a prince and princess in a fairy tale.








My Trip to Prague

Hello everyone! I am going to tell you all about my trip to Prague! Prague is definitely one of my favorite European cities. It’s such a beautiful historical city with such great energy.

On my first day in Prague I was welcomed by the easiest customs border protection ever! I got into a taxi from the airport and from observing the buildings outside of the city, I noticed tons of graffiti and vandalism. So I was kind of weary about the city and what experience I am gonna have. But once I got into city center which is what the locals call old town praha, i was blown away by how beautiful and whimsical the city was. The city was so colorful and had a medieval feel to it. It seemed as though I was in a fairy tale book.

After checking in my hotel I quickly rushed to take a stroll around the city. Iwalked around in my walking shoes (luckily I brought them because the road is all cobble stone).I walked around Lesser Town which is the part of town where I was staying. Lesser Town Prague is where The St. vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle is located. The Prague Castle is the most significant historical monument in Prague. It was home to Bohemian kings, Czech Republic and Roman Emperors. It is in the Guiness World records as the largest castle in the world. Within the Castle is the St. Vitus Cathedral. It is built in Gothic Architechture and is the most important cathedral in Prague. It is where the archbishop is seated and is where the tomb of many Bohemian kings and Holy Roman emperors are kept.

After checking out the Prague Castle I walked to Old Town where a lot of the things to do in Prague are happening. From puppet shows and orchestras to highend shopping and beer tasting. The energy in Old Town is remarkable. Old Town is just right on the other side of the river which separates Old town from Lesser Town. There were tons of churches to check out. A couple of churches were the St. Nicholas Churches one in Lesser Town and the other in Old town. The one in Old Town was filled with painted ceilings and was much smaller than the other. After checking out the churches and its wonderful architechture I stumbled upon the famous Atronomical Clock. The Astronomical Clock is used to predict certain events in time.. some even say if you look close enough, you may see certain events in the past that maybe linked to some symbols in the clock. So many people were getting married and taking wedding portraits infront of the landmark. What amazes me is that the clock was installed in 1410 and is the oldest clock that still works in the world! Pretty cool! I ofcourse went on top of the tower where the clock was and had an amazing bird’s eye view of the city.

During my 4 day trip to Prague I also decided to take one of the river cruises that basically explained the whole history of the city. It gave amazing views of the most famous landmarks of the city including the Prague Castle which was sitting on top of a hill. Charles Bridge which I walked across after my river cruise. Charles Bridge is the famous bridge on Vltava river. It is very significant in history because it was mainly used for trade between eastern and western Europe. The bridge was built in the 14th century and finished in early 15th century. The bridge was filled with lots of sculptures of old saints and patrons from famous Bohemian artists and like most architechture in Prague, it’s very Gothic. The bridge gave a spectacular view of Lesser Town and everything just seemed like a perfect painting.

To summarize my experience i would just say spectacular, amazing, whimsical, beautiful and magical. Those are the words I would use to describe this wonderful city. It has definitely made my list of favorite places in the world. And I am very thankful that a place like prague exists not only in Europe but also in my heart.













My trip to Cape Cod

Hello everyone I apologize if I have not written on my blog for awhile. I have been travelling so much in the past 2 months. I am currently in Washington, DC and I wanted to tell you about my trip to Cape Cod, MA. My trip was about a month ago sometime in July. But it was one of my memorable trips in the East Coast.

I had such a great time in Cape Cod relaxing on Nauset Beach and shopping around in Nantucket. I never knew that there was even such a place like the cape that existed in the East coast. The past weekend is definitely a time never to be forgotten.

On my first day on the Cape I decided to check out Nantucket as I heard there are really cool shops to check out on the island. the boat ride was about an hour and surprisingly I did not get sea sick. I enjoyed the view of the different sizes of boats, beautiful homes of the cape and martha’s vineyard. When I arrived in Nantucket, I automatically fell in love with the island. There were so many cool shops that sold little trinkets and things. I had lunch and the island and had homemade ice cream… Then enjoyed the boat ride back to Hyannis.

Upon returning to Hyannis, I visited one of the most beautiful beaches on the cape which was Nausset beach. The beach was filled with the locals and also visitors from all over the east coast. After my visited the beach I had dinner one of the best lobster shacks in the cape and had the most amazing lobster roll. After dinner I went to Sundae School which served homemade ice cream. The place was packed with people but can’t really blame them as the weather was so hot.

My trip to Boston was amazing and relaxing. Although I got sun burned from jet skiing and lauing out on the beach, I am thankful to be able to visit such a beautiful place.